Countries that use ATA CARNET facilitate the process of exporting products

ATA License: know how the customs document can be used to export products

Export processes in Brazil are quite bureaucratic. However, for some business segments the use of the ATA License can be a quick and practical solution.

What is ATA License?

The ATA License is a document that allows the export of products and materials to other countries without being subject to the requirements imposed by the traditional export process.

With the use of this document, the exporter has more agility to export the materials he/she wishes, since the exporter does not need to register any other document, except for the local taxes generated in the case of product sales.

Which agency is responsible for issuing the document?

In Brazil, the agency responsible for issuing the document is the National Confederation of Industry (NCI). It is also responsible for collecting the document when the exported materials return to the country.

Since when is this model available for exporting products?

The use of the ATA License for the export of goods and materials has been offered since 1990. At that time, the Istanbul Convention, sponsored by the World Customs Organization, was signed. The issuance of the document is intended to make trade actions between the countries that use it less bureaucratic.

Brazil’s main trading partners, such as the United States, Germany, China, Japan and Mexico, issue the document. In total, there are 76 countries that provide the ATA License to allow the temporary export of materials and products.

Products that can be exported with the ATA License

The issuance of the document facilitates the process of exporting materials to other countries. However, not all materials can be taken to other countries with its issuance.

As the use of the ATA License seeks to encourage trade relations, only products that will be presented at trade fairs, used for the transmission of events, such as cameras, microphones and other professional equipment that do not require maintenance, can be exported with the use of the customs document. Perishable foodstuffs are also included in the list of those that cannot be exported with the use of the ATA License.

According to the global administrator of the ATA License, the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC), the document is mainly used for the temporary admission of computers, repair tools, photography and filming equipment, musical instruments, vehicles, jewelry and medical devices, among others.

ATA License validity period

The use of the document for the export of materials and products is limited to a period of 12 months. During the passage through the countries you need, which must be among the issuing countries, the document must be stamped on entry and exit, as well as in the country of origin.

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