Load unitization optimizes time and generates savings for companies

Unifying the load can be a solution for companies; understand

The search for more economical solutions in all areas is becoming more and more frequent. In the logistics sector, the pooling of goods is one of the main strategies in the segment.

The pooling of goods consists of sharing space and other logistics services for different products and shipments.

This solution available to entrepreneurs reduces the storage and product transportation costs.

Unification in product storage

With the idea of mitigating costs with the companies’ logistics process, the unification in the storage process allows products of different types to be stored in the same space with the use of the same device such as pallets.

In cases where pallets are used, this model of logistics strategy allows products of different types to be housed in the same device, reducing the storage space occupied during the operation.

In operations requiring the use of containers, the products to be transported can be placed in the same container. In this way, the space occupied in the areas of a port, for example, will be better. This will reduce the cost of port customs.

Sharing logistics reduces transportation costs

In the transport of materials, the unification allows to reduce shipping costs, which in turn enables an even greater negotiation strategy during the sale of products.

In order to transport products correctly, respecting the limits of the space offered by the device used will ensure the preservation of the transported products.

Agility in unloading goods

The mixed charging process contributes to shortening the discharge period. This is because the standardization of the devices used aids in the unloading operational process.

In the case of goods being moved from ports, unitization allows the container to be used for a shorter period. Thus, costs are reduced with the stay of the equipment.

Precautions to apply the unification of merchandise

Even if the results obtained with the unification of the merchandise are satisfactory, there are some precautions to be taken; know what they are:

  • The products to be integrated in the load must not chemically react with each other;
  • The temperature must be compatible;
  • Chemical products cannot be transported together with other products belonging to another category;
  • Products with odor must be dispensed to the process. Something, when necessary, the use of suitable packaging.

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