Containers have been used in various logistics operations

The advantages of containerized product transportation

The use of containers has been growing in logistics operations around the world. In Brazil, its adoption for cargo transportation has shown significant growth. According to data published by ANTAQ (National Agency of Aquatic Transportation), in 2020 there was a growth of 4.2% over the previous year.

Due to the possibilities offered by the use of containers in different modes, such as rail, sea and air. Operating costs are reduced, since different cargo vehicles are used without the need for transshipment to continue the journey. This optimizes operating time and increases the satisfaction of the customer to be served.

In addition to all the sums already mentioned, the use of containers contributes to the reduction of the usual bottlenecks in cargo terminals.

The same data published by ABTAQ, indicate that in the year of the research, containers moved about 1.151 billion tons.

Advantages of using containers

One of the main advantages of the use of containers is related to the security they offer.

With its structure, mostly made of steel, it hinders the actions of deviation of goods.

In addition to having a very resistant structure against actions against goods, containers provide greater protection to the products being transported.

Containers can be used for different types of cargoes

Containers are used for various categories of products such as automobiles, equipment, and many other products that also transport refrigerated goods at refrigeration, freezing and deep-freezing temperatures.

The economics generated by the use of containers

With the absence of some elements such as tarpaulins and ropes, which are used in other modes of transport, the use of containers reduces expenses with logistics operating procedures.

Another factor that adds to this economy is in the reduction of the need for manpower, since it is not necessary to rework the load for the change of vehicles.

The transportation of containerized cargo must be subject to the country laws.

According to CONTRAN (Consejo Nacional de Tránsito), the transportation of goods in containers must follow the rules imposed by the traffic laws, i.e.: identification of vehicles, special authorization for tall vehicles, among others. Those who do not respect these laws may be sanctioned.

Container measurements

There are several sizes of containers in the logistics market. The use of one size or another will depend on the demand to be satisfied. Their measurements are:


Length in feet Length in cm
40 12,2
48 14,5
53 16,2
56 17,0


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