Learn about distribution logistics models

Learn about distribution logistics models

The product mix in the market has been growing everywhere. As a result, logistics companies have had to adapt to meet this great demand as the modalities have expanded. The entrepreneur who used to only do local sales has started to have contact with people from other regions, even from other countries.

Thinking about the needs of these entrepreneurs, I made Connect Latam pay special attention to these entrepreneurs. Our job is to offer the necessary logistics services so that the products reach our customers, because their success is our satisfaction.

All of this product distribution has its specifications and knowing which one you are part of will help you optimize the delivery time of your products. I have separated a list of distribution categories to help entrepreneurs know the most efficient logistics processes for their business. See below:

Flow Through Distribution

This process allows products from other locations and different categories to be transported in the same vehicle. Relax! All this is done in an organized and safe way.

When different customers served by the carriers have the same destination, they create this schedule on the same route so that there is no loss of space in the vehicles.

Shared Distribution

Do you know the entrepreneur who is just starting out and does not yet have a very large space? Then this may be an option for him.

In this process, warehousing operations can be shared by two companies so that costs are lower.

Pool Distribution

Like the previous process, in which two companies share the same service, but in this case the vehicle that will transport the loads is shared.

Reverse Distribution

Entrepreneurs who want to ensure that the boxes that were used for the distribution of their products, can count on reverse distribution.

Reverse distribution allows the materials that were used to transport the products to be reused or reclassified.

To meet the most diverse distribution models, Connect Latam has the best logistics structures and strategies to help companies make their deliveries. Whether by air, road or sea.