With the rise in exports, logistical operations have been increasingly required

Increase in exports: traders count on efficient logistics to meet demand

The increase in exports generates great expectations for traders throughout Brazil. However, to meet this demand, they are counting on the logistics sector’s efficiency to export products.

According to a survey conducted by the consulting firm LCA, the forecast increase for 2021 is 46% compared to last year, which will generate a surplus of about US$ 73 billion.

The Brazilian market has already been showing a favorable movement since the advance of the American population vaccination. Another scenario that has led to this forecast is the increase in exports of products to China, one of Brazil’s main trading partners.

For the Central Bank, the expectation is that the export surplus will reach US$ 64 billion. Even so, it exceeds the record reached in 2017, when the country reached the figure of US$ 56 billion.


Main products exported by Brazil

In 2020, carriers were responsible for meeting the entire Brazilian export demand, which, although the country was facing the major Covid-19 pandemic, maintained the products export. See the list of the most exported products last year:


1st Place

Product: soybean

Representation: 13.7%.

US$ 28,564.15 billions

Growth of: 9.5%.

Tons: 82.973.424


2nd Place

Product: iron ore

Representation: 12.7%.

US$ 25,780.49 billions

Tons: 341,080.45


3rd Place

Product: petroleum

Representation: 9.38%.

US$ 19,613.86 billions

Fall of: 9.5%.

Tons: 70,009.45



Product: sugar

Representation: 4.19%.

US$ 8,758.88 billions

Growth of: 68.8%.

Tons: 30.675.663


5th Place

Product: Beef

Representation: 3.56

US$ 7,446.89

Growth of: 13.8%.

Tons: 1.724.404


The current record surplus was reached in 2017 and was generated by increased imports. In 2021, according to forecasts, the record will come from economic performance generated by product exports.

The performance of logistics services

With all this movement towards the foreign market, logistics services need to offer traders efficiency and agility in the process of shipping goods.

To this end, it is essential to have tools that can optimize the export process. Among them, a digitized warehousing service and vehicles that can serve the different modes of transport.

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